Central Hall: Construction Videos

During the initial stages of redevelopment, a series of videos were created by the Asset Transfer Unit in conjunction with Hodson Architects and the staff of KIVCA (which was known as Keighley Voluntary Services at the time). These videos depict the start of a long journey which was to radically revitalise the building and once more return it to the heart of the Keighley community.

1. An Introduction to Keighley Voluntary Services (KIVCA)


2. Asset Transfers: The Central Hall Project


3. Under Construction: A Look Around The Building


4. The Final Surge: KIVCA Prepares To Move In

Everyone involved in the project found the opening months of 2011 to be a challenging but exciting time. After years of co-ordinated dedication and effort from KIVCA and Bradford MDC in addition to the generosity of several partner organisations (see below), the building is going from strenth to strenth as operations pick up speed and word spreads throughout the community.

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