Central Hall: At The Heart of Keighley

Central Hall is Keighley's newest community resource centre. It is a fully accessible space for people, community organisations and local businesses. With Cafe Central on-site, free wi-fi, meeting rooms, a conference room and a large hall available for hire, it is a great venue for all occasions.

Use Central Hall for your next meeting or event! Central Hall is at the heart of Keighley with excellent transport links to Bradford and Leeds.

A Bit of History...

Central Hall as it appeared before the process of refurbishment and modernisation.

Built in 1893, Central Hall is a former Methodist Chapel. It became a space for the community in 1948 and was used for all kinds of activities such as a women's drop-in centre and a venue for dance events. (To find out a little more background information about the historical clubs which used the building, click here.) In 2003 Central Hall was closed down for health and safety reasons to the great detriment of the local community.

Central Hall Today

The brand new, revitalised Central Hall as it appears today.

Since 2004 Keighley & Ilkley Voluntary and Community Action (KIVCA) has been working with Bradford Council and other partners to carry out a £1.74 million refurbishment and bring the building back to the heart of the community.

Today Central Hall is a bright, spacious and contemporary building that still has all its original character. It is now home to KIVCA, Keighley's Citizen's Advice Bureau, Confianza, Arakan Creative, Evolve and MAPSS.

Health, Wealth, Learning and Equality for all

Central Hall promotes health, wealth, learning and equality for everyone in Keighley. It is a one-stop shop for advice and support for people, groups and businesses. Central Hall is playing a vital role in regenerating areas of Keighley.

Get Involved

The more you use Central Hall, the better it will be for everyone in Keighley. All the money we make will be reinvested in this fantastic community resource. Find out about how Central Hall can help you today.

Don't just read about how fantastic Central Hall is – come see it for yourself!

Looking up at Keighley's Central Hall from the old front entrance.

Videos telling the story of how Keighley's Community Resource Centre was redevelopedVideos: The Story of Redevelopment

Travel back in time with a series of videos created by the Asset Transfer team to tell the story of Central Hall's construction process. You'll see how the building has evolved and how much has changed, in addition to hearing from some key people behind the project.

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Videos telling the story of how Keighley's Community Resource Centre was redevelopedHistory of Central Hall: 1890 - 2011

In order to understand the modern-day building's aims and objectives as a community resource centre, it helps to know about its status at the heart of Keighley for over a century. The re-launch of Central Hall is just a new chapter in its long and illustrious history.

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